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Represented by several Galleries

Honoured to have this opportunity. Worldwide 2020

Selected as a Wildcard for the TV Show: Landscape Artist of the Year

Canada 2020

Numerous Art Awards at Juried Competitions

Worldwide 2020

Selected to create a poster of the Vancouver Skyline

Major Conference: created for a large American Electrical company called Hubbell Vancouver, BC, Canada 2019

McMichael Canadian Art Collection

McMichael Autumn Art: Prestigious Art Show Canada 2019
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Brigitte Granton

about artist

Brigitte Granton’s lifelong passion for the natural world is evident in her vibrant oil
paintings of the Canadian landscape.

Her paintings are a blend of impressionism and realism. She uses bold strokes and vibrant colours to translate the interplay of light on colour and form in the environment. She has a particular fondness for the northern Ontario landscape and regularly visits Algonquin park and the Muskoka/Parry Sound area to hike and photograph for inspiration.

Brigitte grew up with an artist father whom she would paint alongside at an early age
learning colour and composition skills. While she pursued an education, an MSc. in
Biology, and careers in the scientific fields of medical research and forensics , she
painted regularly and experimented with various medias, eventually focussing on oils
full time. She believes that her two passions, art and biology, complement each other
well; both requiring keen observation skills.

Brigitte has won numerous awards at juried art shows and her paintings can be found in
galleries and in private and corporate collections throughout the world.